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Strategic Channel Workshops

We offer several workshops for vendors and partners.  These can be scheduled on site or virtually, depending on your needs.  Contact us to review.

Driving Synergy in the Field

There is a disconnect between vendors and partners in the field.  Research shows less than 25% of partnerships are optimized, less than 20% of partners are selling vendor solutions effectively!  How do you solve this gap?  Synergy.


Synergy is a 90 day engagement that is designed to get sales team together to form a much tigher relationship.  We call it Deliberate Collaboration.  The cirriculum is based in the siceince of partnerships to understand the value propositons of each company, and how to drive more business together.  At the core of the program are 3 workshops that get everyone together to team up and solve customer problems together.  We also reinforce the workshop lessons on our web based community to share successes and tip.  All of this is wrapped together with healthchecks and accountability.  If you do something for 90 days with accountability, it becomes habit.  Synergy builds the partnering muscle needed to bridge the field gap and really drive your partnership to the next level.

Alliance for Program Excellence

Alliance Methodology The Alliance Methodology in a Simple Partner Program Stack

Welcome to Alliance, the way forward for your partner program.  Alliance is a scalable and modular approach to building new, or re-tooling existing partner programs.  The Alliance approach is built on best practices by award-winning industry experts to enable you to build world-class next gen programs for the cloud-enabled generation.   We offer a step-by-step methodology for transformational partner programs, suitable for recurring revenue models, with both the vendor and partner in mind.


The Alliance model consists of three phases:  Differentiation, Engagement and Collaboration.  Each phase contains building blocks that, when put all together, create a unique, cutting-edge program for you to bring to your ecosystem.  Phase One, Differentiation, looks at the program fundamentals, and guides you through a discovery process to document the program that serves your needs and brings value to your partner ecosystem.  Phase Two, Engagement, focuses on partner enablement and empowerment for both new and existing partners and partner types.  Phase Three, Collaboration, bring it all together with interactive resources that are designed to bring both partners and vendors together under a common value proposition. 


Each phase can be completed in as little as 30 days, while empowering your organization to continue to innovate and explore as your program matures.   Better yet, this methodology is suitable for creating new programs, or bringing new life to existing ones.  Along the way, we will introduce you to best-of-breed resources that you may choose to incorporate into your new or updated program or improve upon the ones you already have. 

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