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The Valuable Channel

The Valuable Channel is a full service channel consultancy practice.  Sometimes clients look for us to help them direct where they need to go - so we've created some standard offerings that are detailed below.  If you don't see what you are looking for, chances are a custom engagement would work best for you.  Contact us at and let's discuss what you are looking for.

Channel 101

This service is designed to help you get started or get back on track.  Perhaps you have just started thinking about or working with partners but you are not sure where to start.  Or you have a program but it’s underperforming in your eyes.  Channel 101 will scope a complete assessment of your current goals, and provide a complete framework to build your programs on and bring them to market.  This service includes:

  • Channel program assessment and go to market alignment framework
  • Partner marketing – to, with, through, communications planning
  • Enablement and empowerment initiatives to drive behavior
  • Rollout and internal training for best practices
  • Recruiting, ramping and business planning
  • Reporting, metrics and KPIs



Valuable Channel Strategies

This service is designed to bring your existing programs to the next level.  Perhaps you aren’t completely satisfied with your channel play,  you are not getting the exact behaviors you want or not finding the alignment you wish you had.  The Valuable Channel will work with you to identify the problem areas, and then create the plan to change or tweak your existing programs.  This service requires some in-depth analysis to uncover the problem areas and create the plan to move forward.  Some example outputs of this engagement could be:

  • Adding value based tiers to your existing programs
  • Adding net new partner types to your ecosystem
  • Fine-tuning your communications and messaging
  • Adding additional initiatives to incentivize the desired behavior
  • Introducing additional benefits and services for partners



Valuable Channel Advisory

Your partner network is the most valuable source of feedback you could ever ask for.  Too often it is overlooked or not harnessed in the right way.  Our Valuable Channel Advisory service will work with you to get the feedback you need from your channel ecosystem.  Examples of this type of work could be:

  • Partner Surveys
  • Partner Advisory Councils
  • User Groups
  • Executive Sponsorships
  • Online Communities



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